Indian Association for Science Fiction Studies(R), Bangalore, Karnataka, India, is happy to present you the memorable moments of the past events which are the milestones for its present global status.

19th Annual/5th International Science Fiction (Virtual Conference) Dec 2020;

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Speech by SN Sharma NAAC Director, Bangalore University;

Paradise Regained!

I began writing Science Fiction articles, book review and stories about two decades back or at the turn of the 21st century to be precise. As my handwriting is so bad, that I had to consult others to ascertain what the word written was. It was embarrassing me several times. Then in eighties of the twentieth century, I could borrow a portable typewriter to overcome my weakness. I used to write a lot during that time. As I was in Government service, frequently, I had to change places of work on transfers. As rolling stone never gathers mass, I too could not get a stability in organizing the things. Computer was luxury in those days. It was not affordable for us to buy from our paltry savings. I consulted a computer institute for help. The owner agreed to spare the computer for my work after 21.30 hours. If I had my dinner, then surely I used to get sleep hence, I used to postpone my dinner to midnight. The computers were all ‘mechanical Gods!’ in those days. One was to leave one’s footwear outside the building to enter the ‘inner sanctum’. Word star and Fox Pro were working on DOS. It is used to take a lot of time to start. With all these barriers, I learnt quickly. But the systems very quickly changed – Pentium generations, Drive A to B for floppy Disc.

However, I used to write to many international magazines and journals. But lost the hardcopies of print while I shift from place to place on Government job transfers. Mr.Dinakar Charak opened up new horizon of publication namely,! I wrote an article on how difficult it is to run a magazine citing many global examples entitled “That’s Over!” on the occasion the first anniversary. Then it folded as the chief editor relocated himself to the USA.

All of a sudden I received his mail during February 2021 stating that he has come back to India and the has been reopened. My joy knew no bounds. I downloaded a few of my contributions made to the magazine in the past and presenting them before you because my own writings need no copyright issues. This platform is open to whomsoever is willing to contribute without any copyright issues. Most humbly, I wish to present the following to you all so that it opens up interaction.

  • Dr.Srinarahari which was folded about 15 years is now open again! Most humbly, I have briefly given a picture about the status of Science Fiction journals, magazines, and online forums. On behalf of the entire sci-fi fandom, I have expressed our whole hearted wishes for running smoothly – Dr.Srinarahari Secretary – General, IASFS, India