Indian Science Fiction Day (Bharatheeya Vignyan Katha Divas)

It is a matter of great pleasure that Dr. Jayant V Narlikar has consented to celebrate his birthday every year on July 19th as Indian Science Fiction Day/Bharatheeya Vignyan Katha Divas throughout India. IASFS thanks Mr. Ananth Panduranga Deshpande for taking intiative in finalizing process of proposing, acceptance and implementing the same. Now, it is our turn to plan the event for the day starting from July 19, 2022.


IASFS Congratulates Ms. Kalpna Kulshresta Leading Hindi Science Fiction Writer a resident of Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh for winning the Science Popularization for Children award for the prestigious “Jagpati Chaturvedi Award”. The award carries a cash prize of One Lakh Rupees and a citation to be received from the Honorable Chief Minister himself. We are proud that she is in our team.

Dr. Shanatala and Mrs. Sapna Katti are the recipients of the Science Reporter SF story competition.

Team IASFS congratulates Dr.Srinarahari the recipient of Education Excellence Award 2021 for award for Contribution to Education Community.



Kuthuhali is a newly emerged Kannada Science Magazine in Kannada. Dr. Kollegal Sharma formerly a senior scientist in CFTRI, Mysore, Karnataka, who plays a keyrole in the field of popularizing science and a renowned Science communicator (Jaana sudhi) has invited the authors to send unpublished Science Fiction short stories in Kannada limited to 1000 words. The stories could be sent to:; for publication in an SF exclusive special issue.

Treasure of Indian Science Fiction:

New Horizon: New Release:

Superno Banerjee: Indian Science Fiction: Patterns, History and Hybridity. Cardiff, UK: University of Wales Press. (2020)

Sami Ahamed Khan: Star Warriors of the Modern Raj: Materiality, Mythology and Technology of Indian Science Fiction: U of Wales P; June 2021;

Tarun K Saint (Ed).,The Gollancz Book of South Asian Science Fiction; Vol 2; Hachetteindia:2021;

Dr. Shantala; 3019 AD: My Lang Books Digital Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, 2021 (Language: Kannada);

Dr. Ranjan Garge: Mangal Kujabhujala: Creations Publications, Aurangabad, 2020; (Language: Marathi);

Mentalist Harish Yadav: Magic and Mentalism in Science Fiction;; Delhi: 2021;

Arvind Mishra: The Space Cuckoo and other Stories (Anthology of Indian Science Fiction Stories; original Hindi; Translated to English: Kshama Gautham; Forward: Darias Luca Hupov. 2021)

Sharad Puranik: Pasanth Aahe Mulgi (Marathi); the Ninth Science Fiction Anthlogy of the author is published: Dec 1, 2021.

Upcoming: Silver Lining: An Anthology of Indian Science Fiction Stories in English, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu by various authors from all the parts of India like EAST, West, North, South and also from Malyesia to the USA; Unique publication: Editors: Drs. Sowmya Murukesh & Priyekha; Introduction: Dr.Srinarahari; University publications, Kerala;

Five New books will be released from Kalpabiswa during December 2021: 1. Asisapta/Cursed Blade by Sumit Bardan; 2. Ankiter Budbud/Ankit’s Bubble by Yashodhara Ray Chowdhari; 3. Kankabati Kalpabignyan lekhani/Anthology of Women SF translated from Bengali; 4. Kalpabiswas Uponyas Parba/Selected Novels from Kalpabishwa; 5. Grohantarer Agantuk/ Visitors from Space- Russian SF translated to Bengali.

Please note that the above mentioned books are available from:;


Publication of SF Scholarly papers

IASFS has outsourced the task of publication of chosen Science Fiction scholarly papers of the latest conference. It is published by University Publication Division Sri Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit, Kaaladi, Ernakulum District, Kerala State. The association thanks to the Chief Editor Dr. Sowmya Murugesh and her entire team for bringing out a science fiction special issue.


Contemporary Anthology of Indian Science Fiction Short Stories:

IASFS has collected Unpublished Contemporary Science Fiction Short Stories which are in English, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada from the Indian Science Fiction authors from EAST, WEST, NORTH, SOUTH, CENTER parts of India as well as from offshore one from East that is, Malaysia, and West from the USA- a unique coverage in hybrid language mode. The upcoming anthology is under publication from University publication, Kerala.


SF Anthology by Marathi Vidnyan Parishad, Mumbai

Mr. AP Deshpande over a latest communique has requested to send the best English science fiction short story of the authors for the upcoming anthology to be published by Marathi Vidnyan Parishad, Mumbai.


IASFS Upcoming Events

SF Research Scholars Meet:

The main objective of Indian Association for Science Fiction Studies is to encourage Research in the field of SF and to provide avenues for the researchers to carry on qualitative research in the field.

In this direction, the association proposes to organize a series of online events during the December 2021- January 2022. We propose that the researchers could send their confirmation of their participation over email to; with a subject line SF Research Scholars Meet.

The scholars during this event may speak individually/present their proposal for research; progress done in their research; plausible solutions to unsolved questions by individual researchers. The scholars must submit the proposal to their respective Ph.D. supervisors and get clearance before their presentation. The entire team will then interact with one another to find plausible solutions for the doubts that the individual researchers have encountered. IASFS will only be a facilitator and requests the SF scholars and supervisors (also labelled as Ph.D. guides) to register, plan, fine tune the event. Please feel free to post your views over the email or on the feedback form provided under one of the menus in the websites. Let us all join together to discuss seriously the Subject Science Fiction here. It is an idea which I hope will taken up by to give a better shape.


Upcoming 21st Annual/ 6th International Science Fiction Conference

IASFS proposes to organize the next conference during February 2022. The details of the program, theme, deadline, procedure, target audience, delegate fee, guest speakers, mode of the conference like online, offline or hybrid will all be shared shortly.



A preliminary meeting for organizing the above titled conference was held by the Secretary Dr. Arvind Mishra of Indian Science Fiction Writers Association Ayodhya (Faizabad), Uttar Pradesh, India on February 19, 2021 at Crimson Lotus, MLA Layout, Dollars Colony, Bangalore, Karnataka.

The meeting was chaired by Mrs. Savitha Srinivas, IPS, SF author-police officer of Bangalore city.

Dr. Shantala the Medical Doctor – SF author from Bangalore and Dr. Srinarahari Secretary- General of Indian Association for Science Fiction Studies, Bangalore were present.

After the formal welcome by the secretary, after discussion on each point of the agenda it was resolved that

  1. It would be held at Ayodhya. (it was highlighted that even though the association has held many conferences at different locations, this would be the first time to be held at its headquarters)
  2. The tentative dates would be in October 2022.
  3. It is open for other organizations/institutions/firms to collaborate.
  4. The Conference would be offline/normal mode and open for online and prerecorded contributions also.
  5. The theme would be variants/subsets/extensions/combinations/others of MYTH AND SCIENCE FICTION.
  6. The association will plan to organize Science Fiction short story writing workshops/competitions/and other activities prior to the date of the conference.
  7. Prizes would be awarded at the inaugural function of the conference to the number of eligible stories as decided by the jury.  
  8. Arrangements would be made to publish the papers and stories which would be presented during the conference.
  9. Concluding the session, picking up the relevant points from the discussions held the chairperson called for the publication of biography of Indian Science Fiction writers; to enable all the available works of the authors in Hindi and vernacular languages to be translated into English language; a list of translators; a workshop for translation works are the need of the hour.
  10. Dr. Srinarahari thanked the participants, chairperson and the host.

(Unprecedented heavy rain lashed the area and affected much to the participants to a large extent. A dinner was hosted by the family of Mishras).