21st Annual/6th International SF Virtual Conference

Table of Content: Updates; Highlights; Collaborators; conference brochure version 1.07 released! (NEW); How to make a pre-recorded video for paper presentations? – by Mr.Unnikrishnan, Cinematographer, Bangalore; Registration forms and payment link for all the categoires; Dates for submissions; Details about the conference; Calendar of Events; Publication Matters; UPDATED Tentative program list; Brochure (Version 2.00) and contact details, List of Coordinators AND List of Advisory Committee Members.

Updates: Ultimately, Last date for Registration and all submissions:

Sunday, June 05, 2022: 23:59 hours IST.

Dates of the Conference: July 17, 18, 19 & 20, 2022.

Registration is mandatory for all – students, facultiy members, institutions, senior ciizens, VIP’s, Distinguished Guests, and all other category.

paper reading is not mandatory. Every registered participant would receive the e-attendance certificate immediately after the conference.

IASFS Conference Brochure Version 2.00 updated version:

Tentative Program List

IASFS Virtual Conference salient features:

  1. Pre-recorded videos of the paper presentations/special lectures/panel discussions/keynote address/valedictory address should all reach us (isfcon21@gmail.com;) within the scheduled last date that is, on or before Sunday, June 05, 2022: 23:59 hours IST. They would be watched, scrutinized, selected and alloted time slot session-wise based on the stream, subject, and theme of the presentation. The technical team would let you know within a week’s duration only if they are rejected or requires resubmission with modifications. They selected videos would be played at the designated time slots during the Conferference as per the program list. The final program list would be announced during the last week of June 2022 over this website.

How to make a pre-recorded video for paper presentation?

Mr.Unnikrishnan P is a professional cinematographer, Theater actor & Cinema lecturer. He hails from Kozhikode, Kerala, Now he is settled in Bangalore. He has earned B.Sc. degree in Film Technology specialized in Cinematography; Graduated from SRM Sivaji Ganeshan Film Institute, Chennai. In addition, he has an M.Sc. Electronic Media, from Bangalore University, Bangalore. He can be reached over the email: krishframe@gmail.com; Please watch the video so that your production of a video too could be of a very high standard.

Click on the link to play the video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hAFj2GVUMtMt_RjbhyHoVCY68Xf5hsRs/view?usp=drivesdk;

IASFS advocates every registered participant for paper presentations/special lectures (includng plenery sessions) send us to con21slots@gmail.com; the title of the paper/speech/panel topic limited to 50 Characters; a brief profile (About the presenter) limited to 200 words; a photo limited to 1 MB; abstracts limited to 200 words; a google.doc link of the pre-recorded video presentation. One could use other platforms also to send the videos. It should be shared with whomso ever has the link to have the edit option. In every correspondance please mention your name and contact details.

2. It is felt by majority of people that it is difficult to get uninterrupted power supply, data, and real time network connections. It is also reported that a devise or two are shared among multiple people or by all the members in the same family. One could also make an online presentation on the days of the conference, if they are confident enough to overcome these hurdles. In that case, the presenters should submit all the above mentioned files (except pre-recorded videos) within the last date for submission along with a declaration regarding the online presentation option. They can present online presentations at designated time slots. If they are not present at that hour when called for, they would lose the chance of presentation during this conference.

Offline Conference: Alternatively, Department of English, GLA University, Mathura, UP is providing opportunity for the participants to attend the conference offline. Those desirous of partaking in that event have to register and follow their terms and conditions. This has nothing to do with IASFS registration for attending Virtual Conference.

Presentation and publication are two different sections. ‘Publication Matters’ provides comprehensive imformation.

Collaborating Organizations:

The followinng organizations have signed the MoU with IASFS:

  1. Marathi Vidnyan Parishad, Mumbai, Maharashtra
  2. University Reseach Publication, Valamboor, University of Kerala, Kerala
  3. TWJ Foundation: The Social Reforms, Pagmala, Chiplun, Ratnagiri District, Maharashtra State.
  4. adbhut.in; Bangalore, Karnataka
  5. Kalpabiswa.com; Kolkata, West Bengal
  6. Department of Studies in English, Elphinstone College, Dr.Homi Babha State University, Mumbai, Maharashtra
  7. Department of Studies in English, Deogiri College, MSP Mandal, Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad, Maharashtra
  8. Department of Studies in English, Ganeshi Lal Agrawal University, Mathura, Uttara Pradesh.
  9. Department of English, KSR Institute for Engineering & Technology, Tiruchengode, Namakkal District, Tamil Nadu

21st Conference Updates:

IASFS in collaboration with the above cited nine organizations will schedule conference programs over virtual mode by beaming the pre-recorded videos. The participants could interact over online mode during each session. There would be pre-recorded video paper presentations; special lectures by eminent personalities in the field; panel discussion; celebration of Azadi ka Amruth Mahothsav special programs; celebration of Professor Jayant V Narlikar’s birthday as Indian Science Fiction Day; valedictory function; and others. Registration process for various categories is provided in the same section below.

IASFS would be sharing the login credentials with the IASFS registered participants to attend the Inaugural function followed by keynote address over virtual mode which would be beamed directly from the GLA University, Mathura on Sunday 17.07.2022.

Marathi Vignyan Parishad, Mumbai would organize the valedictory function as well as the celebration of Dr. JV Narlikar’s birthday (Indian SF Day) on online mode on Tuesday 19.07.2022.

Further, Mr. Harish Goyal the eminent Science Fiction writer has consented to deliver the keynote address in Hindi language during the ensuing conference.

Publication of scholarly papers and stories – outsourced to University Research Publication division, University of Kerala.


Tentative dates: 17th, 18th, 19th & 20th July 2022;

Theme: SLOTS = Forms of SF (Myth, Utopia & Fantasy) /Literature /Open Ended (multidisciplinary) /Technolgy & Science (S&T).

Activities: Paper presentation+Plenary sessions + panel discussion+

Azadi ka Amrut Varsh celebrations will be a part of the Conference.

Sunday July 17,2022: 18:00 hours:

Celebration of Azadi Ka Amruth Varsh:
18.00 to 19.00 hours: 
1. Veena – Mrudangam Duet:

Featuring Vidhushi YG Srilatha Nikhith on Veena; Vidhwan Puttur Nikhith on Mrudangam;
(Courtesy: Mr. Shantaram Bhat, Sagar. Karnataka)

19.00 hours to 21.30 hours Play Malati Madhava (original Sanskrit by Bhavabhuti)
Translation and Direction: Mr. Akshara KV, NINASAM, Heggodu, Karnataka. 
(Courtesy: Mr. Akshara KV)

July 18, 2022: Azadi Ka Amruth Mahotsav celebrations continued

18 .00 hours -19.00 hours:

  1. Hindustani vocal Musical concert by Vidhushi shrimathi Vasudha Sharma, Sagar, Karnataka.

(Courtesy: Smt. Vasudha Sharma)

19.00 hours – 21.30 hours:

2. Classical Dance performance by NIDAM (National Institute of Dance, Art & Music (Bangalore).

(Choreographer: Mrs. Poornima Rajani, Bangalore.)

Deliberations in English; language channels would be using their respective languages.

Registration is manadatory for all the below mentioned categories.

Choose your category, fill the appropriate designated google.doc form and submit:

IASFS REGISTRATION process IS OPEN NOW for all the categories

Registration fee:

A. Students (from UG to Ph.D scholars) ₹ 200/- or equivalent of US$ 3/-;

B. Senior citizens (+60 age as on 01.07.2022) ₹400 or equivalent of US$ 6;

C. Others (Age between 18 & 59 as on 01.07.2022) ₹ 500/- or equivalent of US $7/-;

D. Observers: Please mention yourself as applicable – Collaborators /VIPs/media persons/technical team members/ chairpersons / anchor persons/ members of the advisory board/ Members of the organizing committee members/ institutions/sponsors/house keeping force/ security team members/other specified personnel to whom IASFS accords special permission the registration form.

Registration fee exempted for category D

Categories a, b, c d are eligible to get the e-participation certification.

E Viewers (Age +18) over YouTube:

E Category: Registration fee -FREE -link of the YouTube/Facebook channels will be shared for each session but registration is mandatory over google.doc. form but not eligible to receive the e-participation certificates.

Documents required for uploads:

  • For all the categories; a photo limited to 1MB.
  • For category A: student id; letter from the HoD/letter from the Institutional head/study certificate;

The Registration forms provide the below mentioned link for the payment of Registration fees:



Mail us to the conference email: con21slots@gmail.com; payment details + name+email and mobile number cross verification.





Link for reegistration will be provided on July 16, 2022.


Details about the Conference:


Indian Association for Science Fiction Studies (R) Bangalore (with other collaboraters) proposes to organize 21st Annual/6th International Science Fiction Virtual Conference tentatively on July 17th, 18th 19th, & 20th 2022.

Science Fiction has grown enormously in these days and hence, it is difficult to define in simple terms. However, Science fiction is the contemporary form of literature with the back bone of Science and Technology, which deals with the societal problems and plausible solution often projected to far-fetched future.

Science Communication: The genre science fiction has emerged with the powerful impact of industrialization with the pioneer work of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus (1818). Science fiction is based on scientific principles, adopts scientific methodology and conducts Gedenken experiments. Today’s Science Fiction is tomorrow’s science and technology. All branches of knowledge can converge to science fiction to visualize the progress that would happen in the years to come. On the one hand, it would ease the ‘future shock’, and on the other hand, it predicts the luxuries of man’s life in the future. It is not confined to one geographical region, one religion, one community, one language group, one ethnic group, but concerned about the whole of the earth people. Hence, Science fiction is a powerful tool for effective science communication.


Science Fiction is the study of the impact of S&T on humanity. Hence, it is often termed as an advanced form of literature. It makes use of the literary theories in its form and content. Often, colonialism, feminism, consumerism, psycho-analysis and others form the angles of study.


The proposed theme of the conference would be “Forms of SF”. It is a boon tthat Science Fiction has two hands. On the one hand, there is science and technology and literature on the other hand. Hence, the paper presenters and guest speakers will have a wide range of perspectives to view from multi-disciplinary angles for their choice of topics for presenting the papers or delivering the lectures during the mega event.

Punch word: Acronymn: SLOTS

Th punch word for the conference: SLOTS (‘S’Stands for SCIENCE FICTION, ‘L’ for LITERATURE, ‘O’ for OPEN ENDED, ‘T’ for TECHNOLOGY,and ‘S’ for SCIENCE)

The Association has begun preparation in organizing the 21st Annual/ 6th International Science Fiction Conference. It is only a proposal: One way of looking at things. It may undergo sea change as and when we get valuable suggestions from the collaborators, office bearers, life members, delegates, participants and the advisory board members.


The mode of the conference would be virtual. Added to it the Department of English, Ganeshi Lal University, Mathura, Uttara Pradesh would organize the programs on blended mode that is, online and offline.

On July 19, 2022, it is proposed to celebrate “Indian Science Ficiton Day” on the birthday of Dr. Jayant V Narlikar. Arrangements are being made for representatives of the collaborating organizers to visit him and celebrate birthday there at his residence.

The deliIiberations of the conference will be in English which comprise of paper presentations, self-authored story reading sessions, panel discussions, book release, and special lectures.

Other activities include music concerts, dance, drama and other cultural programs on the occasion of Swatantra ka Amrut Varsh celebration.

Duration for presentations:

IASFS proposes to receive the pre-recorded videos from the paper presenters/self- authored story reading (limited to 10 minutes), eminent plenary speakers (limited to 20 minutes) panelists, and Keynote address, guest lectures and others (limited to 50 minutes).

The technical teams of the organizers will edit and keep the videos ready for beaming them as per schedule.

Teams will also work for the preparation of Abstract book, Proceedings, Feedback and for the issue of E-participation certificate.

Publication Matters:

Publication of the conference paper/story is not mandatory for any category of registered participants.

However, IASFS has outsourced the publication task to university research publication, University of Kerala which will publish the eligible conference papers/stories – in English and other Indian languages ranging from Literature- Science Fiction-Science & Technology in their exclusive conference Science Fiction special issue. It would be a peer reviewed ISSN numbered UGC approved journal.

Please follow the link and then click on Add to Cart- View Cart- Proceed to Checkout- Then you can see a form to fill out your basic information and payment options like UPI and Razor pay for both the divisions:

  1. https://universitypublication.in/product/processing-fee-for-the-publication-of-article-special-issue-science-fiction-indian-authors/
  2. https://universitypublication.in/product/processing-fee-for-the-publication-of-article-special-issue-science-fiction-international-authors/

special issue rates: INR 1500/- for Indians; US$35.13 or equivalent for foreigners.

The publication is subjected to the submisison of the papers within the stipulated dates only. Further, pulbication team would edit and communicate the respective eligible paper authors about the acceptance for publication. The publication team would intimate the writers whose papers are rejected for publication. The amount paid would be refunded in a span of a fortnight from the date of intimation sent. For more details please visit the site: https://universitypublication.in/ or mail: editor@universitypublication.in;


Inaugural Function: Program list:

Part 1.

Inaugural function: progaam organizers: Department of English; Ganeshi Lal Agrawal University, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh State.

  1. Invocation; 
  2. Welcome speech: Mr. IASFS Coordinator of the conference
  3. Introductory remarks: Dr. Srinarahari Secretary – General, IASFS, Bangalore
  4. Inauguration by Honorable
  5. Inaugural speech by Honorable
  6. Chief Guest: An eminent scientist.
  7. President’s speech
  8. Vote of thanks:
  9. master of the ceremony:

Keynote address:

Anchor person will introduce the speaker

Keynote address by Eminent Hindi Science Fiction Writer Mr. Harish Goyal

 Mode of presentation of papers: paper presentation will be made easy by asking them to submit the pre-recorded videos with or without a PPT. It should be restricted to the length of 10 minutes only. A buffer time or a minute or two will be allowed. They would be thematically arranged so as to allot them for designated slots.

Paper presentation sessions/ Papers presentations per hour:

It is proposed that in the beginning of any paper presentation session, an anchor person would briefly introduce the Chairperson/Co-Chair, brief about the theme, sub-theme; introduce the paper presenters during the one-hour session -limited to 4 X10 minute beaming pre-recorded videos followed by the Chairperson’s remarks and interaction by the viewers. The viewers/participants/delegates/observers could post their questions/additions/ over the chat history. They would be answered live/answered in an extended slot of time which would be at the discretion of the respective chairpersons of the scheduled sessions.


  1. Registration is mandatory for all. This is applicable for organizers, VIIPS, VIPS, Distinguished guests, special invitees, security persons, house keeping force, technical persons, sponsors, advertisers, Dean, HoD, Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors, Administrators, Principals, lecturers, doctors, members of the advisory board, members of the organizing committee, students from UG to Research scholars, Office staff, supporting staff, media persons, Political leaders who aspires to attend,  Invited audience, general public and other participants.
  2.  Everyone should provide email id and mobile number.
  3. Photo identity and residential proof.
  4. A photo of less than 1 MB of a front view must be uploaded.

The above basic information should be duly filled in the google.doc registration form.

  • Presentation of paper is not obligatory. Hence, the term “Observer” could be made use of while filling the registration form.
  • It may be noted that no information would be shared with others but utilized for conference purpose only.
  • The participants must provide the following information:
  • Name
  • Postal Address
  • Designation/ department/ office/ house maker/student/
  • If you propose to submit a paper – the name of the department to which it may be transmitted/ language group/ theme/ subtheme/ and others which help the organizers to categorize the session in which it could be accommodate.
  • Please note that you will have to write your name without attributes like Dr/Professor/ Mr./Mrs./Ms/ on the subject line of your mail; Dr. Manoj Kumar Agrawal should write as Manoj Kumar Agrawal on the subject line. This would help us to find your file in minutes and the organizers will get back to you with relevant answers.
  • All correspondence will be over email only.
  • Registration fee has to be paid by all except for the members of the organizing committee, advisory board, technical staff, VIIPs, distinguished guests, those partaking in plenary sessions and paper presentation teams like Chairpersons, anchor persons, persons who would come for invocation, security persons, and others as would be specified by the organizers from time to time.
  • Submission of a pre-recorded video for presentation of paper – should be done within the deadline prescribed for it as this would give an actual count of the number of paper presenters, determining the number of sessions, number of channels, and others. The pre-recorded video should not exceed the time limit of 10 minutes.
  • Submission of full-length paper could take some more time as one can edit the paper several times before submission.
  • It is not mandatory to publish in our suggested publishing agency. There would be prescribed fee for the publication of full-length paper and it would not be a part of the registration fee paid for the conference. However, the publication refers to only ‘online journal’.
  • The full-length paper should be in MS word format with New Times Roman font with 12-point size and have 1.5-line space. It may be in between 3000 to 5000 words following MLA style of 7th edition rules.
  • One may visit gallery and library sections of the website of Indian Association for Science Fiction Studies namely, https://iasfs.in to refer to the guidance for preparing pre-recording videos and the model of abstract writing as well as the glimpse of each session.

Conference meeting id and password:

The conference channel id’s and passwords will be sent to the registered email id provided by the registered participants on the google.doc registration forms. The updates would be provided over this portal from time to time.

The login id and passwords will not be the same for all the days or even for the entire day. It changes every day for forenoon and afternoon programs. Please refer to the Program list for details. please refer to the tentative program list appended above.


IASFS has released the Brochure version 2.00.

Please await for the release of the updated Brochure by the Department of English, GLA University, Mathura, UP.

Advisory Committee Members:

  1. Dr. AP Jayaraman, Nuclear Scientist; Chairman, National Centre for Science Communicators; President STEAM; Academic Council Member, HSBC University; & PCST Global Scientific Committee Member, Mumbai, MH.
  2. Dr. Ashish Mahabal, Astro-Physicist, Caltech, Pasadena, California, USA.
  3. Dr. Palanivel R, Professor of English (Rtd), IDE, University of Madras, Chennai. TN.
  4. Mrs. Seema Kulkarni, SF writer, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  5. Dr. Arvind Dubey, Pediatrician, SF writer, Lucknow, UP
  6. Mrs. Savitha Srinivas, IPS, Karnataka State Police, Bangalore, Karnataka
  7. Mr. Harish Yadav, Mentalist, SF writer, Jaipur, Rajasthan,


List of Coordinators:

Collaborating OrganizationContact Details
IASFS, Bangalore, Karnatakacon21slots@gmail.com;
Marathi Vidnyan Parishad, Mumbai, MHapd1942@gmail.com;
TWJ Foundation -The Social Reforms,
Pagmala, Chiplun, Ratnagiri District, MH
kalpabiswa.com; Kolkata, WBdipgi2005@gmail.com
adbhut.in; Bangalore, Karnatakaddiinnxx@gmail.com
University Research Publication; Keralaeditor@universitypublication.in
Department of English,
Deogiri College, Aurangabad, MH
Department of English,
Elphinstone College, Mumbai, MH
Department of English,
Ganeshi Lal University, Mathura, UP
Department of English, KSR Insstitute for Engineering & Technology,
Tiruchengode, Namakkal District, Tamil Nadu

Contact us:

NamesDesignationContact Details: email
& What’s app no
Dr. Sangeetha CG &
+91 7373489495;
Dr.Sangeetha CG &
Dr. Kanagaselvam

For all uploads:
title; pre-recorded video;
profile & others
For all submissions except the full length papers for publication.
Mr. Rahul MalaghanTechnical Team Member
(consult for pre-recorded
video making and editing)
+91 7026686620
Mr. Prasanna KarandikarTechnical Team Member8489170289;
Mr.Uday KiranTechnical Team Member+91 9148646289
Dr. PurushothamanChairperson, IASFS+919443309951
Mr.Shankar BhatLegal Consultant+91 9483633046;
Dr.Sowmya MurukeshChief Editor, University
Research Publication, Kerala
+91 7012941399
Dr.SrinarahariSecretary – General,
For association matters


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