Anthology of ISFSS

IASFS is trying to bridge the authors on the one hand, editors and publishers on the other hand. Unlike other countries, so far there was no system in the entire Indian subcontinent to arrange for the publication of Indian Science Fiction Short Stories. IASFS as a catalyst now, has invited the authors of SF stories in English, Hindi, and all the vernacular Indian languages. The stories be original and unpublished. In case if they were published in the past and the journal might have shuttered down, the stories which have no copyright issues to bar them in legally, could all be mailed to; The authors could make four separate word files: 1. Story 2 Abstract; 3. About the author/profile and the address for correspondence (including postal, email, mobile number and other details) 4 author’s photo limited to 1 MB in JPEG. All these files could be saved in google.doc and a link could be sent to the us and a permission to access the file to who ever may open the link. This will enable us to transmit them to the peer-review committee, editor, chief editor, publisher and others. The document will be safe in their hands and never would be shared with anyone without taking author’s written consent. The publisher will be communicating with the respective authors directly and if the story is accepted they will be asked to remit INR 1200/- per story for publication. There is no limit for the number of stories for each one of the author to send. The journal will bear ISSN number and proposes to publish several volumes- approximately limiting to 100 pages in each volume comprising of stories with each section for each language. The last date for this first volume would be 31.07.2021. If it is sent later, it would be considered for the II volume or subsequent volumes.

Indian Association for Science Fiction Studies (R), Bangalore is a non- profitable association and requires your support in becoming a life member. The life membership is open for all who are 18+ without any restrictions. Hence, we request you to become a member and spread a word to your contacts to support us. The subscribers may kindly mail me the contact details to; to enable the office to send them the original receipt after the payment of the prescribed fees of INR 2000/- made through any mode like Net Banking, Credit/ Debit card, wallet and others by clicking on the link:;

-Dr.Srinarahari Secretary – General, IASFS, Bangalore

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