About Dr Srinarahari

Dr. Srinarahari is the Secretary – General of Indian Association for Science Fiction Studies®, Bangalore, India. He is the Vice President of Asian Science Fiction Association. He has organized 14 National and 5 International Science Fiction Conferences. He is an SF writer, critic and reports for the number one SF magazine of the world namely Locus.  Conducting SF Writing Short Story Workshop to the children of the age group 13-15 is acknowledged as a pioneer attempt. Also, he has conducted similar workshops for Scientists, Science Fiction Writers, Women writers, Research scholars, PG and UG students, Senior citizens, Working Women and Housewives. The workshop products are published in the form of books. He has been compared to Thomas Clareson of the USA for his effort in bringing together people of all walks of life to be involved in Indian Science Fiction association activities. Academia.org has his several articles which reflect the holistic approach to the Indian Science Fiction Studies.

Dr. Srinarahari has obtained B.Sc., B.Ed., Diploma in Marathi, MA in English literature. He has been awarded doctoral degree for “The Robotistic Works of Isaac Asimov: A Study” by Kuvempu University, Karnataka state.After serving for 40 years in Government of Karnataka he retired as Principal. Now, he has been working as Principal of Animaster Design and Animation College, Bengaluru, India for the last 5-7 years. He can be reached over email: doctorhari567@gmail.com.

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