IASFS was established on January 2, 1998. Today, on January 3, 2021, while writing a line or two we are proud to say that we are 23 years old. This was possible because of your wholehearted support.

Indian Association for Science Fiction Studies, has organized the 19th Annual/5th International Science Fiction Conference (Due to pandemic issues it is virtual conference) in collaboration with Bangalore University, Bangalore, Karnataka state, India held from December 7-10, 2020. The highlights of the Conference are the culmination of all the departments (59 in number) Post Graduate and Doctoral Studies of the University; the affiliated colleges, IASFS Team, authors, editors, webmasters, media persons, engineers, medical doctors, political heads, economists, advocates, farmers, educationists, scientists, sci-fi fans, general public and others had “All” converged at “Roads to Science Fiction”; there were plenary sessions as the Nobel Laureate Professor Didier Patrick Queloz (Physics, 2019) delivered the Keynote address; there were online and prerecorded video presentations of participants, special guest lectures, eminent personalities ranging from NASA, IIAP, ISRO, IIS, IIT, SF Calteck, online forum like Sci-fi Katta, chief editors SF magazines and journals like the Vignyan Katha, online SF magazine Kalpabishwas and Kalpabignyan, Literary Voice and others; panel discussions on SF curriculum making; narrating stories of tomorrow by SF self authors, interactive sessions in all the 12 channels beaming the parallel sessions on all these days.

Though IASFS had proposed the event an year back, due to pandemic issues the mega event was postponed for several months. “Idea is the protagonist in Science Fiction” But the credit goes to Professor Venugopal KR the present Vice- Chancellor of the University as he could conceive, project, plan, visualize, and brought in all the departments to join “All Roads Lead to Science Fiction” – which the association acknowledges as his greatest leadership in implementing the same and yielding 100% result! Hats of to you Sir! We owe you much for your Herculean Task being carried out as it was lifted as petal of flower to the great heights!

This is the occasion to thank Dr. Krishna Murthy the convener of the conference who had spent sleepless nights with a devotion to duty has contributed to the success of the event. I remember the remarkable contribution of the Deans, HoD’s, the 12 channel coordinators, their team members, Professor Vahini, Professor Nagaraj Kamsale, Professor Doddamani Vijaya Kumar, Language group. Dr. Pavan Kumar, Professor Sumitra, Professor Sudheshna, Professor Chitra Panikkar, Professor Muralidhar, Professor Susheela SN and Dr. Pavithra of Performing Arts, the technical team Mr. Prasanna Karandikar, Dayanand H Gangadhar, Pawan Kondajji, Akshara, and the master of the ceremony Ms. Malavika Swamy. I owe to Ms. Savitha IPS who acted as a catalyst from the beginning till the end.

Likewise, the IASFS team from the top Dr. Purushothaman the founder -president of the association through chairpersons, paper presenters, anchor persons of each of the 17 sessions under the channel 1 Science Fiction group, If the viewers rate high the credit goes to the Bangalore University and the IASFS teams – which may provide us reinforcement to plan to organize three conferences in the same year namely, Regional, National and International conference.

Since, IASFS is registered non-profitable organization, we require your support in the form of you becoming a Life Member and share your expertise for the future events: Life membership is open for all who are 18+

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Speech of Nobel Laureate; Professor. Didier Patrick Queloz; 2019 for Physics;

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