SF Products

Category I Print Media SF Products follows:

IASFS being a non-profitable registered association, it proposes to connect the SF authors with the buyers without any mediators. The association proposes to remain as a catalyst at all times.

Dear authors and self-publishing authors,

Please ensure that you have the copyright with you and it is not sold to any publisher.

Then, catagorize the works as verse, play, movie, video,painting, drawing, sketches, cover pages, audio strips, music, wall papers, layout, templates, PPT, short story, novel, novellette, thesis, dissertation, scholarly papers, criticism, book review, ideas for developing stories, script writing, recommendations of works for producing movies, documentaries, applying for awards, recognition, prize money, scholarship, and others.

Those who have the aptitude to write, edit, publish, print, bind, direct a movie, write a film script, acting, create setting, mixing, draw, plan, managing an event and others in the field of science fiction could register here.

Classify them as hardcopy and softcopy.

Check the spelling and grammar once again. Take the help of your friends, colleagues, experts, editors if required to ensure your work is of the highest quality and a saleble commodity.

Your work could be in any language. Prepare a writeup about your language, category, Title, story in brief, about your other works, your selling price, mode of payment, mode of transfering the product, conditions if the product is lost in transit, torn, mutilated, and not delivered in the stipulated time, any compensation if you wish to give the buyer in extraordinary circumstances,

No restritions to the length, size, language, format, for the products that you wish to sell directly to the buyers.

Keep ready the product to be sent over snail mail or by sending the link to copy and download.

Be independent in your transaction without bringing the association into picture at all for any one of the tasks carried out.

You are required to register your name and give credentials in the proosed google.doc form which will be made available in course of time. There would be a nominal registration fees which would be helpful for the organizers to meet the expenses for subscription to Zoom Cloud meetings registration, Power back up, transport facilities for the technical team, to conduct workshops, interactive sessions, providing material and for sundry expenses.

IASFS team will try to suggest to all the willing authors through virtual meetings regarding creating the material, generating payment links, auto-receipt delivery, outsourcing packing & postage, delivery systems, and others.

Hope we shall start collecting the willingness of the authors. Later, we shall hold the interactive sessions, then we shall register and review, tests to ascertain the downloadable format, file type and others.

We shall create the form for registration and then Start! Everything cannot be accomplished overnight. We shall together discuss the Pros and Cons before we begin.

Lastly, IASFS reiterates, that the association is only a facilitator and legally it is not a party for any dealings, transactions, legal disputes, for any profit or loss and others of similar kind.

Mail us to express your willingness or otherwise giving your full contact details:

Please give your consent to join this platform: iasfsindia@gmail.com;

You are requested to provide your contact details along with the products that you wish to sell over this platform. We shal create the categories according to the available resources in course of time.

We shall launch the platform after reviewing it with your agreement. It is your platform in which you will be selling your SF products. Please mail us at the earliest.


Types of SF Products

Categories of Products:

  • I Print media
  • II Visual Media
  • III Expertize
  • IV Any other

Category I

Print Media: (Common to all the languages: mention titles/subtitles in English)

  1. Short Stories limited to 100 words
  2. Short Stories 100 to 2000 words
  3. Short Stories 2000 to 4000 words
  4. Short Stories 4000 to 6000 words
  5. Novellette 6000 and above
  6. Anthology of SF stories
  7. SF Novels (Fiction)
  8. Criticism
  9. Collection of Essays
  10. Dissertation
  11. Thesis
  12. Comic Books
  13. Children’s SF Stories (written by adults)/Children
  14. Bed time Stories
  15. Crossword puzzles and others
  16. Quiz book
  17. Annotations
  18. Course Book for prescribing them to UG/ PG/Hr.Sec/ High school students
  19. Ideas for writing SF stories
  20. History/ Movements/Themes/ Definitions/Others
  21. Myth
  22. Utopia/Dystopia
  23. Fantasy
  24. Horror
  25. Lectures/Discourses/Question and Answers/Interviews/Profiles
  26. Biography/Autobiography
  27. Encyclopaedia
  28. Dictionary
  29. Directory
  30. Plays
  31. Poetry
  32. Readymade script for the production of visual media material
  33. Translations
  34. Guide to SF
  35. Bibliography/Reference book list
  36. Topics for Ph.D Research/Scholarly Writing
  37. Back issues of journals/magazines (Registration fees exempted)
  38. Used Books (Registration fees exempted)
  39. Cover Pages
  40. Paintings
  41. Pictures
  42. Models
  43. Diagrams
  44. Any other category related to SF in Print.

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